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Royal Albert Hall - 1871 Bar Tiling Project

Have you ever stopped to notice pub tiles? From Washington to Maine, Florida to California, one of the things people love about visiting great venues such as pubs, themed city bars and high-end clubs is the atmosphere of the venue. Only a few people stop to notice just what it is that creates such a great impression, but if you take the time, you might observe some beautiful tiles in both the open public spaces as well as the rest rooms that are something special.

Aside from the aesthetic considerations, there is the obvious practical advantage that pub tiles offer – a hard wearing and easy to clean surface! At H&E Smith we have many years experience in the design and manufacture of pub tiles and bar tiles as well as similar applications for restaurants and clubs. We regularly work with architects, designers and specifiers to produce tiles that fit their design vision and deliver excellent value and practicality.

We have carried out numerous projects, both in the UK and further afield, and are confident we can provide you with the finest products, designed, manufactured and delivered on time and on budget.

Here are a selection of the projects we have undertaken recently.

Flight Club Bar Frontage featuring H&E Smith Tiles

Flight Club Birmingham

Each Flight Club has an individual design, however the beautiful theme running through them all is similar to a Victorian style fairground, lots of colours, texture, patterns and lights.

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Royal Albert Hall - 1871 Bar Tiling Project

1871 Bar 

When it was time for CJC Design to choose tiles for the front of the bar for the 1871 Bar at the Royal Albert Hall, they spoke to our team at H&E Smith.

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Pink Mamma Restaurant Tiles

Pink Mamma Paris 

This Parisian trattoria is enhanced both internally and externally with bespoke wall tiles and Eco-Glazed Brick Slips, creating a dramatic effect and setting a unique sense of place for this exciting venue.

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