Period Embossed Victorian Tiles – Technical Data and Fixing Instructions

Technical Advice

H&E Smith, Inc.™ supply a wide variety of bespoke tiles for their clients, which can be produced to satisfy individual customer requirements such as colour matching, special sizes and unusual shapes. Please contact us for a quotation.

Period Embossed Victorian Tiles – Product Description

Glazed dry pressed ceramic wall tile 153 x 153 x 9mm, on white biscuit, conforming to EN 14411 Blll with a water absorption >10%, manufactured by a double fired system.

If tiles are to be used outside or in a shower location it is recommended that they are treated with a silicon sealant at the time of manufacture, (this service can be carried out at an extra charge), and failure to do so may result in discolouration. We cannot guarantee against frost damages.

Fixing – NOTICE.

Apply to a sound, clean surface. Avoid using sand and cement. Any well known brand of adhesive such as Ardex or similar is preferred.

Grouting   WARNING! 

Some coloured grouts can cause unavoidable stains on certain glazed surfaces. Therefore, tests should be made on a spare tile before using any coloured grout, to establish whether it is liable to stain, in which case a surface sealer is necessary to prevent such staining.

Crazing & Shading CAUTION! 

Victorian tiles are reproduced using similar materials and methods to the original item, and a degree of shade variation is inherent and desirable. We recommend that before fixing it is essential to lay them out in good light, to ensure an acceptable blend of colour and size. Glazed tile may craze with time; therefore in this respect no guarantees can be given.

Cleaning  WARNING!

In certain conditions Victorian glazes with high oxide content can sometimes develop a metallic sheen or stain after contact with certain liquids including prolonged water contact, detergents, acids or alkalis and some cleaning products. Period Embossed Victorian Tile colours should not be used in areas where contact with such substances may occur. Period Embossed Victorian Tiles should be washed using either clean water or pH neutral detergent. Dry off and polish with a cloth.


All measurements in the above table are in mm unless stated otherwise.
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